Minecraft Education Challenge

We are proud to announce that our talented students of 10-th and 11-th grade joined the “2020 Minecraft Education Challenge” #MinecraftChallenge.
The selected students were trained previously by licensed teachers from the Minecraft Education Edition. This years’ challenge engage our students in creative, collaborative problem solving and will unite students and educators around the world to build a better world with Minecraft!They brought new and unique ideas in this challenge. We thank the students for their dedication and their hardwork. They make us proud.
Project 1: “City of our dreams; Tirana”🏢🏭🏬🏡
Students: Altea Gjana, Edera Ndoj, Erlis Kazmaj, Gledis Rusmali, Marien Jonuzi
Coloring the dull and tedious life of our city with the endless ideas and small miracles you can create on Minecraft: Education Edition. Let’s rebuild our hometown by exploring new possibilities and mending its flaws. With our project we tried to show our ideal version of Tirana by recreating its city center, improving some parts, adding new facilities but preserving its identity and unique monuments. Welcome to a new, better Tirana!…say the students of 11-th grade Altea, Edera, Erlis, Gledis and Marien.
Students: Altea Gjana, Edera Ndoj, Erlis Kazmaj, Gledis Rusmali, Marien Jonuzi
The build depicts a house in the middle of the woods. It shows a beautiful view of the forest. It shows the interior part of the house which is ceamped with a cellar for storage. While the second floor is the place where a scientist is doing his studies.🏡🏘️🌳
Participating students are:
• Enkei Sulo X-5
• Noel Didini X-3
• Loren Kukel X-5
• Selma Vorpsi X-4
• Ekias Shamku VIII
• Albin Lita VIII
ENKEI: In his Minecraft work project, he has built a house base on an architectural designs. He has decided to build a modern house, which comes with – pool – a waterslides – a guest room – kitchen. Enkei is sure that using a Minecraft to build a house is the most innovated way for the Architecture Schools. 🏢
LOREN: has chosen to use a Minecraft for building the ideal house, placed in a quiet nature and built with a modern and luxury architecture. 🏬
NOEL: In both worlds that he have created, have been inspired from a sciences innovative ideas, how to make a better future by using the technology.
One project is, Using Solar power panels to give energy to the buildings. By using solar power panels we can lower the pollution footprint and also we can spend less electricity bills. 💡
In the other project, he have built a flying spaceship powered by electricity. 🚀
The other group with Selma, they have built an entire city with old architectural design buildings 🏢

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